Palestine, Bethlehem - The Wall

Our route


Palestine, Bethlehem - Map


We took a taxi from the Jerusalem Center to the checkpoint. There is also a bus #231 from Jerusalem Damascus Gate - HaNevi'im Bus Terminal to the checkpoint (5,5 shekel).

We walked to the center of the city from the checkpoint - easy 20 min walk.

There is passport control on the way back to Israel.

On the way back we took a bus #231 to the Damascus Gate - HaNevi'im Bus Terminal (5,5 shekel).

Our itinerary

  • took a taxi to a checkpoint
  • walked to the Walled Off Hotel
  • walked to the Old City
  • visited Church of the Nativity
  • wander around Manger Square
  • visited Milk Grotto Chapel
  • shopped in the souq
  • walked back along the Wall
  • crossed via the check-poin
  • took bus back to the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem
Palestine, Bethlehem - Shops

Travel essentials

  • travel dates: 19 November 2022
  • accommodation: we stayed in Jerusalem
  • currency: shekel = ₪ = ILS = New Israeli Shekel

Travel tips

  • we went on Shabbat (Saturday) because in Jerusalem most things are closed
  • it's best to take bus 231 from the Damascus Gate station - you buy a ticket from the driver, you need to have cash (ticket 5.50 shekels); you can also take a taxi (to the checkpoint) - we paid 80 shekels
  • it takes maybe 30 minutes to get to the border crossing - checkpoint - you get off and walk through a rather depressing tunnel to metal gates, as we walked there was not a living soul; no control…nothing; on the other side a lot of soliciting taxi drivers which we politely avoided - then a 25-minute walk to the center of Bethlehem
  • partly walking along the Security Wall separating Israel from the Palestinian Territory - a very sad experience
  • on the way we went for coffee at The Wall Off Hotel - a hotel owned by Banksy - an interesting place; at the entrance, a plaque with a tour of 20 shekels; or you can get a delicious coffee for 11 shekels 🙂 the whole interior is full of Banksy's works and very interesting art - we regretted that we didn't have time to spend the night there - gallery upstairs; there is also a small museum for an additional fee;
  • the streets of Bethlehem are packed with shopkeepers and goods, very noisy and colorful;
  • Church of the Nativity - free entry, queue to the nativity grotto - we waited maybe 40 minutes, entrance quite claustrophobic in the crowd of people;
  • we also visited the Milk Grotto - next to it there is also a shop that produces souvenirs from olive wood and you can climb the stairs to the roof to see the panorama of the city
  • the square next to it was just dug up, but there are usually cafes etc., there are lots of shops with souvenirs and devotional items around (magnets 10 shekels)
  • we walked back to the checkpoint - again a depressing concrete tunnel and gates; and finally a soldier who scans your passport and checks if you still have your visa card; pass without a problem
  • bus 231 was waiting on the other side - we got to Damascenska Gate for 5.5 shekels
Palestine, Bethlehem - Church of the Nativity

Some prices

At the time of our travel:

10 shekel (ILS = New Israeli Shekel) = 2,77 euro = 13,03 zł (PLN)

  • taxi from Jerusalem center to the checkpoint - 30 shekel
  • coffee at The Walled Off Hotel - 15 shekel
  • grilled chicken sandwich at The Walled Off Hotel - 37 shekel
  • draft beer at The Walled Off Hotel - 35 shekel
  • fridge magnets - 10 shekel
  • olive tree rosary - 15 shekel
  • whole fried chicken - 40 shekel
  • local draft beer - 20/25 shekel
  • orange juice - 15 shekel
  • lentil soup - 25 shekel
  • bus #231 from the checkpoint to Damascus Gate - 5,5 shekel

Our favourite local food

Palestine, Bethlehem - Falafel
Palestine, Bethlehem - Market

Palestine, Bethlehem - Falafel
Palestine, Bethlehem - Market