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In January of 2015 Davis and Ania randomly met in Antigua, Guatemala, under the city’s world famous Arch of Santa Catalina. Davis was on a brief holiday trekking across Central America and Ania was on sabbatical learning Spanish locally. They both quickly recognized that they shared a love for travel, adventure, meeting new people and experiencing life one day at a time.

Months after saying good-bye in Antigua they met in Paris where they fell in love. From 2015 -2019 they were the quintessential “Trans-Atlantic” Couple – Both living in different countries spending as much time as their schedules would allow traveling to different destinations together. In 2019 Davis retired to pursue his travel passion full time. To this date the two have travelled across western Canada, Poland, Italy, Vietnam, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Egypt, Israel and Zanzibar together.

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Davis Wendell

Davis is the Wendell in Wendell’s Wanderings. As a young man, Davis sought happiness in career advancement, increased net worth and the pursuit of possessions.

Every time he made a purchase, he would enjoy a brief sense of joy and accomplishment and then would immediately identify and pursue the next item that he believed would bring him happiness. Each purchase brought less joy and less feeling of accomplishment.

Finally, he recognised that he was locked in a senseless materialistic cycle – never happy in the moment – always looking for happiness in the next purchase of the latest and greatest thing. Then he discovered travel and, with that discovery, learned that in life, “the only thing you can purchase that makes you richer is travel”.

Davis’s favourite things about travelling include:

  • experiencing the worlds natural beauty
  • meeting young-hearted adventurous people
  • being introduced to new cultures
  • enjoying new culinary tastes
  • living for the moment
  • not knowing what the next day will bring

Countries visited so far: 67

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Davis - countries visited

Ania Prajs


Ania has been wandering the world since she can remember, carrying with her the strong belief that the world may be a crazy place but the default setting of humans is “good”.

In the process, she has visited and been lost in over 50 countries, lived in 5, discovered a passion for sampling the weirdest of foods and made life-long friends. Always curious, she is constantly planning the next adventure.

Apart from quitting her jobs in order to pursue her dream of travelling, she has:

  • dove with hammerheads sharks (Red Sea, Egypt)
  • been pampered in a traditional hammam (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • gone on a holiday and ended up staying in the country for over 3 years (Thailand)
  • spent 10 days in SILENCE at a meditation retreat (Thailand)
  • sailed in the stunning Caribbean Sea (Belize)
  • gone on an African Safari (Kruger National Park, SA)

When not on the road, she loves to smell the roses, to drink a good glass of wine and to read when it rains.

She is also the photographer for all the pictures you see here and is responsible for creating this website.

Countries visited so far: 62

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Ania - countries visited